BFC Shield Carpet

BFC Shield Carpet is manufactured in the UK and is designed to be loose laid directly onto a sound hard floor surface. Delivered in 2m wide roll form Shield Carpet is an easy to lay textile floor covering which will protect the surface underneath whilst providing an attractive and durable carpet floor covering.

Shield Carpet is ideal for covering Sports Halls, Polished Wood, Vinyl and other floors when not being used for their primary purpose. You simply roll out the 2m wide rolls, cut with a “Stanley” knife and join the seams on the top surface using Black 100mm wide industrial hook tape such as “Velcro”.

Perfect for when a School needs to transform Sports Halls etc into Examination Rooms. Shield Carpet is able to allow those special events to go ahead without the risk of damaging expensive floor surfaces. It allows rooms to be hired out as function suites and for celebrations such as social events, exhibitions and meetings. It will help improve the acoustics and deadens footsteps in the area which is useful for plays, concerts etc.

Shield Carpet is a Heavy Contract product manufactured from a Polypropylene and Polyester mix. The fibres contain a safe, non toxic agent which provides 100% effective control of dust mites, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi. Shield Carpet is therefore suitable to be used when people may need to sit or lay on it, and is perfect in schools, sports centres, nurseries etc. The product has anti-static properties and is suitable to be used with computers, sound equipment and free standing electrical appliances. It can be vacuumed and most spots of soiling can be removed using standard cleaners. The Anthracite Grey colour is practical and helps to hide soiling.

'...Shield Carpet is an easy to lay textile floor covering which will protect the surface underneath...'


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